DIY Milk Jug Herb Garden

Materials Needed-

  • 2 Pint sized plastic milk bottles,
  • 3cm wide wooden baton long enough to fit your window  ( I used the slat of an old wooden blind)
  • scissors,
  • craft knife,
  • hole puncher,
  • metal ruler
  • permanent black marker pen.


Clean your mil jug with water and remove labels.

Using scissors, remove the top and handle of the plastic bottle. You can either do this by following the marking on your bottle as I did or by drawing out where you will cut beforehand with a marker.











Your jug should end up looking like this.







Using your knife and ruler, cut at 2cm from the longer side of the bottle top edge then make two vertical cuts parallel from the center of the bottle. The cuts need to be approximately 4cm long and at 1.5cm from either side of the bottle center.

Finish the slits by punching holes on the top end of the vertical cuts (this gives the bottles enough space to slide on). Next use the black permanent marker pen to label each bottle.

To finish, slide the bottles through the wooden baton using your pre-cut slits and suspend it from the window sill.






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