3 Ways You Can Help Improve Animal Welfare in Your Community and Beyond

Research cited by People magazine shows that by 2030, up to 75 million pets will be at risk of inadequate veterinary care. The prime cause of this is the low rate of annual veterinary graduates. Each year around 3000 individuals across the United States graduate as veterinarians. As a result, by 2030, there will be a total of 15,000 vets. However, this is well short of the required number of 41,000.

One of the prime factors for this shortage is the high cost of education it takes to become a veterinary doctor. This poses a major challenge for the future of animal welfare which can only be addressed by increased awareness and participation by the public. In this article by American-Outdoors.net, we’ll explore the best ways you can step up and make a positive contribution towards improving animal welfare.  Continue reading

Summer Fun and Swimming Pool Safety






There is a type of pool for everyone, every space and every purpose. Thanks to advances in construction and more available materials, traditional in-ground pools can take on about any look. Whether you opt to DIY with an above-ground kit or hire a pool company to install an inground style, safety is key.

Unfortunately, this hub of fun family activity can be deadly if left unchecked and unguarded. That’s why it’s important for every owner to educate himself or herself about water safety and maintain a safe pool environment. Furthermore, owners need to ensure family, friends, neighbors, and guests not only know, but follow, pool rules.

According to the American Red Cross, there are a few rules that apply to every pool owner. Continue reading

How To Survive Falling Thru Frozen Ice

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Check Out “On Frozen Pond”

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